Rick Stubbins


🇬🇧Rick Stubbins became FIM-E SUPER STREET BIKE Champion 2018!
Which is a great achievement and consistancy, performance, tuning capabilities and knowledge is needed to make this happen. A little luck will also help, but that’s what whe all need.
Rick is for many years a strong runner and with his Turbocharged SUZUKI Hayabusa up in the TOP Ranks.
He is still hunting for that “Magic” 6 second run and became allready really close with his PB of 7.013@335.12KMH!
Consistancy is really important and with they amount of HP they
run trough this “small”engines gives them a small playfield of reliability trough the runs. a spun bearing is common, or even worse a conrod through the engine cases is a issue that happens overtime. They are making well over 500HP/Per liter and compare to a MOTO GP Bike they make a lot more and do not run Billet engine cases, but cast ones.
It is really special if you imagine how much extra these engines
can take above their factory settings!
I follow rick for many years and he is a real humble person who
does all his tuning himself, together with his crewchief Ryan Davies. These two know how to tune a Super Street Bike and with the boost controller from NLR systems the AMS 2000 makes it more smooth and easy to put the Power on the track.
In my understanding rick is running with a MTC Gen2 clutch and that is also a good choice to make.
I would love to see Rick Stubbins run in the 6 seconds and that will be the case I believe in 2019.
Hopefully there will be more FIM-E rounds in 2019, and hopefully one up North so they can run 5 or 6 rounds.
They are an Official FIM-E class and not running a Cup anymore.
I hereby like to congratulate Rick and his Team for their contribution for the Dragbike sport whe all love.
Well done and great performance!
See you in 2019 at the track! 🤠
Photo/Editor: Mike Kraaij
all rights reserved 2018

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Kind regards,

Mike 🙂

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feeling excited with Tim Hailey, Rick Stubbins, Ryan Davies, FIM Europe and Eurodragster.com at Santa Pod Raceway.Mike Kraaij