What Is a Hybrid Turbo?

Hybrid turbos are constructed from various selected components to enhance the performance of the turbo. We specialise in the design & manufacture of unique applications to specific customer requirements. Hybrid turbos can be built in a variety of different ways including

  • Re-profileing compressor and turbine housing to accommodate larger components.
  • Fitment of Billet GTX latest technology compressor wheels.
  • Compressor housing polishing ensures turbos benefit from a better air flow.
  • Turbine housing Performance Porting and Matching.
  • Larger, stronger thrust and main bearings are used to allow your turbo to withstand greater boost.
  • Uprated total seal rings
  • Turbine Wheel cut-back to increase flow capability
  • Balanced to motorsport specifications

A hybrid turbocharger combines the quick boost response required at low engine revs, with the extra air-flow capacity needed for increase in power at higher revs if ECU is correctly mapped.

For most road-going cars, a standard specification, good quality Service Exchange turbocharger is sufficient. Hybrid turbos only become necessary when significant performance improvement is required, normally on a modified engine. Most hybrid turbochargers will look identical to standard units from the outside.

Most turbocharged engines respond well to increased boost pressure, but only if the engine is modified to utilize on the change. The same can be said of turbochargers. A hybrid turbo on a standard engine may offer a small benefit, but will be more effective on a modified engine.

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