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80 Pin Adapter Board

RTCM electronic distribution systems

Rotary Dial Switch – 12 Positions

E-Shift Gearbox Actuator

USB to RS232 Adapter

Serial Communications Cable

S Series ECU Serial Cable with Flash Button

Dyno Control Box

USB to CAN Adapter

S Series CAN Cable

Innovate LC-2

Innovate LM-2 Basic Kit

Turbo Control Valve

Threaded Wheel Speed Sensor

Cam or Wheel Speed Sensor

Ford Crank Position Sensor

Crank Wheel 36 – 1 (138mm Dia)

Valeo Four Cylinder Wasted Spark Coil Pack

Bosch Six Cylinder Wasted Spark Coil Pack

Marelli Pico Injectors – 320cc

Marelli Pico Injectors – 430cc, 12 hole

Marelli Pico Injectors – 480cc

Siemens Dekka Injectors – 630cc

Manifold Pressure Sensor – 1.05 Bar Absolute

Manifold Pressure Sensor – 3 Bar Absolute

Manifold Pressure Sensor – 4 Bar Absolute

Throttle Position Sensor – Rover Style

Throttle Position Sensor – Jenvey/Colvern

Throttle Position Sensor – Jenvey/Penny & Giles Contactless

VDO 10 Bar Fluid Pressure Sensor

Solid state fluid pressure sensor – 5 Volt

Air Temperature Sensor

Fluid Temperature Sensor