Performance Air Filters and Induction Kits

Performance Air Filters and Induction Kits

Air-box Filters:

The simplest and most cost-effective way of improving engine performance is to replace the standard paper filter with a high-flow Jetex cotton gauze filter. Filtration is 99% at 2.8 microns, and together with a high dust retention capacity, each filter will perform mile after mile, in any conditions. Also, each filter is washable and reusable so there is no need to buy a new filter at every service! A free flowing and effective filtrating air filter will also help to improve fuel economy too. The long term benefits of fitting a Jetex filter are clear.

  • Made from 4 layered cotton gauze to allow filtration of all particle sizes.
  • Despite excellent filtration, large volumes of air are allowed through the filter even when the filter is dirty.
  • Rubber moulding ensures the filter is flexible and easily manoeuvrable into the air box it is designed for


Induction Kits:

For a more advanced air intake modification, an induction kit will ensure faster air intake and improved throttle response. Each kit is designed to replace the existing air box (where applicable) with a conical or cylindrical high-flow sports filter, together with all necessary tubing, fittings and fixings. Performance improvement varies depending on each application, but you should expect a few BHP increase.

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