Race PD Injector Nozzles with +100% Flow Can be fitted to 1.9 TDi & 2.0 TDi 8v PD engines to increase BHP/Torque.These are BRAND NEW Genuine Firad Nozzles and are sold in sets of 4Stock PD160 / PD150 / PD130 Injectors flow enough fuel for a safe 230bhp.With the Firad +100% will do 330bhp+ but still maintain perfect drivability when mapped correctlyMODEL NUMBERS:⁍ ASLA 150 P 1043 10.0

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    Firad +100% Injector Nozzles 1.9 / 2.0 8V TDI PD [Engines PD130 PD150 PD160] 330+BHP

    £ 449.50