Main FeaturesCrisp 400 x 240 pixel resolution256 colors displayHigh brightness, 470cd/m²6 sizes of text font availableFully configurable bargraphsUser Defined background imagesUp to 8 User Defined screensUp to 64 channels with User Defined alerts12 configurable RPM orange leds1 red alert LED1 yellow alert LEDGeneralTemperature range : –10°C to +70°C .Voltage : 9.4V/18 V, 500 mA.Reverse battery protection.IP58 water protection.Connector13 pin Deutsch 8STA connectorInputs1 x CAN (1M, rev 2.0)1 x Digital for Lap Timer1 x Digital Wheel speed, Hall or ABS sensor (4x optional)1 x USB1 x Day/Night (0-12V)2 x Page Navigation Buttons (+ 2 extra button on the SX-Wheel)Outputs1x 5V analogue 500mA (3x optional)1x 12V aux 500mA (3x 200mA optional)1x GND aux4x low-side 100mA (optional)1x GND analogue (5x optional)

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- Kombucha master

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Carry farm-to-table bespoke activated charcoal.


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