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6-Key CAN-bus Keypad

The Icons shown in the image are the ones we carry in stock at Hardwire Electronics. Should you require an icon we don't have on stock, the full list of available icons can be found in the downloads section of the Hardwire Electronics website in the 'Keypad Icon List' folder.
Product SKU : HW6CAN

Introducing the PKP-SI series of CAN-bus Keypads from Blink Marine. The PKP-SI series keypads offer removable inserts, coloured LED button indicators and backlight, and a rugged IP67 rated waterproof design. The Blink Marine Keypads work seamlessly with the CAN-bus enabled versions of the Hardwire Electronics PDMs, and offer a fantastic way to control PDM outputs. The Keypad Switch illumination LEDs operate in the following modes –

Green – Output is on and functioning normally

Blue – Output under-current fault has occurred

Red – Output over-current fault has occurred

Hardwire Electronics offers this product as a kit which includes the customer specified icons and Deutsch connector. A full list of the available icons can be found in the downloads section of the website. The required CAN bus speed and keypad ID can also be selected before checkout (default: speed125kbps, ID 0x15 ).  Please specify the required icon numbers, CAN-bus speed, and keypad ID before checkout. 

  • IP67/IP69K Waterproof Rating
  • UV protection
  • Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
  • Reconfigurable Icon Inserts
  • LED Backlit keys
  • Global Backlight
  • Deutsch DT04-4P Connector
  • -40°C to +70°C Operating Temperature
  • #10-32 Steel Mounting Studs
  • 200g Weight
  • High Chemical Resistance


  • CAN-bus Baud Rate [20k, 50k, 125k, 250k, 500k, 1000k]
  • Icon Numbers (e.g 075,013,B277......) [SEE PICTURE / HARDWIRE ELECTRONICS WEBSITE]
  • Preferred CAN-bus ID (range 0x000-0x7FF) (optional)


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