Spec Stage 2 Quick spool version (Uprated main bearings, 360deg large pad thrust bearing, balanced to higher tolerance, high flow\Pressure Billet extended tip Racing compressor wheel, Trimmed and lightened Turbine wheel for increased flow, Staggered oil seal, New Gas Flowed turbine housing, capable of 280+bhp, with all correct engine modifications)KKK Hybrid TURBOCHARGER TO FIT AUDI S3, TT Leon Cupra, 1.8T (MAY FIT OTHERS) 210/225BHP MODELS; 210/225BHP 1999 ONWARDSMODEL NUMBERS:⁍ 5304-970-0022⁍ ENGINE CODE - BAM, AMK, APY, APX⁍ VW OE PART NUMBER FOR THIS TURBO IS - 06A145704M/P

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    Audi S3 / TT / Seat Leon / Seat Cupra 1.8T | K26 Hybrid Turbocharger (Billet Wheel) 280+BHP

    £ 499.50