GT1749/52 hybrid for engines fitted with the larger PD130 injectors, This item as also been upgraded to stg2 (upgraded 360 deg thrust bearing, larger high flow compressor wheel , capable of 215+bhp with quick spool, Larger GT17 turbine wheel,with all correct engine modifications, higher tolerance balancing, etc...)Garrett TURBOCHARGER TO FIT Many VOLKAWAGEN Caddy,Seat, Skoda, Polo, Fabia, Ibiza , etc... TDI 105 BHP MODELS FROM 03 (MAY FIT OTHERS) TDI MODELSMODEL NUMBERS:⁍ 751851-0001⁍ BV39-0022⁍ ENGINE CODE - BKC⁍ VW OE PART NUMBER FOR THIS TURBO IS - 03G253010 - 03G253014F - 038253010D - 038253056E - 038253016K

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    VW Caddy / Polo / Audi / Seat Ibiza / Skoda Fabia 1.9D TDI | Hybrid Turbocharger (Billet Wheel) 215+BHP

    £ 449.50