VW Touareg / Audi Q7 GTB GTX 22/60/66 Spec Stage 2 Hybrid TurbochargerQuick spool version (Uprated main bearings, 360deg large pad thrust bearing, balanced to higher tolerance,Larger high flow\Pressure GTX Billet, extended tip Racing compressor wheel, capable of 320+bhp, with all correct engine modifications)MODEL NUMBERS:⁍ GTX 22/60/66⁍ GARRETT NO. 769909-0010⁍ ENGINE CODE - CASA/SASB/CCMA/CEXA/CDYA/CDYB/CDYC 3.0 D⁍ 769909-0010⁍ VW OE PART NUMBER FOR THIS TURBO IS - 059145722M

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    VW Touareg / Audi Q7 | VK Hybrid Turbocharger (Billet Wheel) 320+BHP

    £ 699.50