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Product overview

The SX-Dash dashboard is equipped with a 3.0” transflective colour screen with a resolution of 420×240 pixels.
A transflective screen combines the transmissive method, which uses LED backlighting, with the reflective method which reflects ambient light.
This technology is the most suitable for use in full sunlight.

At the top, the screen has 8 orange RPM leds and 4 multicolour RGB leds for configurable alerts.

Each screen (up to 8) is configurable with the SX-Conf software in order to fit as closely as possible to your particular use: track, rally, hill racing…

The SX-Dash is equipped with a solid aluminium casings and a military connector.


Product features

Main Features
Crisp 400 x 240 pixel resolution
256 colors display
High brightness, 470cd/m²
6 sizes of text font available
Fully configurable bargraphs
User Defined background images
Up to 8 User Defined screens
Up to 64 channels with User Defined alerts
12 configurable RPM orange leds
1 red alert LED
1 yellow alert LED
Temperature range : –10°C to +70°C .
Voltage : 9.4V/18 V, 500 mA.
Reverse battery protection.
IP58 water protection.
Connector 13 pin Deutsch 8STA connector
1 x CAN (1M, rev 2.0)
1 x Digital for Lap Timer
1 x Digital Wheel speed, Hall or ABS sensor (4x optional)
1 x USB 1 x Day/Night (0-12V)
2 x Page Navigation Buttons (+ 2 extra button on the SX-Wheel)
1x 5V analogue 500mA (3x optional)
1x 12V aux 500mA (3x 200mA optional)
1x GND aux 4x low-side 100mA (optional)
1x GND analogue (5x optional)
Customise your own screens Define, customise and upload your own screens to the SX-Dash and SX-Wheel with our software application.
Dimensions SX Dash dimentions


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